(1-800 numbers that spell a word)

Why do VANITY toll free numbers work so well?   


1) A great memorable vanity phone number communicates the two most important issues in marketing.   First, what your business is about and second, how to get in touch with you.

2) Words are easier to remember than numbers.

3) Vanity brand names work as calls to action, and trigger an elevated response and a pronounced desire to take advantage of a service.  They attract more serious callers, who are more qualified in both desire and ability to perform!

4) Vanity number increases customer perception of strength and credibility. If you saw two print ads or postcards side by side, would you call Kathy’s flowers at 235-798-4685 or Julie’s Flowers at 1-800-FLOWERS.   In postcards alone, studies suggest that a definitive vanity number will increase the response rate up to 300 percent!

How much more value does a defining 800 VANITY number add to my business?

1)    Businesses built around premier, definitive toll free numbers have values of millions and even hundreds of millions of dollars(1-800-FLOWERS, 1-800-CONTACTS, 1-800-PET-MEDS, 1-800-MERCEDES etc.

2) Toll free vanity numbers ads received six times the number of calls than ones using regular numbers according to a study by Bellcore. 

     3) According to Response Marketing Group, the results of a study, focusing on the use of toll-free numbers in actual radio advertising, showed that an advertisement using a toll-free vanity number  yields 14 times more phone calls than an advertisement using a toll-free numeric number.  

4) The value from TV advertising using a vanity number is staggering!

Prodigy Internet produced a 25% greater response with longer recall (over a 24 hour period), and significantly increased customer retention, when testing its 1-800-PRODIGY vanity toll free telephone number against a 1-800 numeric toll free telephone number in a television campaign. Operations managers reported that 1-800-PRODIGY also transformed sales into customers by providing an ease of use and access of service that substantially exceeded the initial response. 1-800-JEEP-EAGLE, initiated during a Super Bowl and resulted in increased response and an elevated caliber of respondent, both more inclined, and more financially qualified, to buy - plus a 50% conversion rate: within 12 months of the initial call to 1-800-JEEP-EAGLE.  50% of callers bought a vehicle from Jeep Eagle.  That's an amazingly high conversion rate on a very high-priced item.  Bally's Health and Fitness' call center manager raved that their 1-800-WORK-OUT and 1-800-FITNESS callers "were raising their hands, asking to buy." 

How much does a definitive, VANITY number SAVE me?

1)  By having the best vanity number incorporated into all of your advertising, you can spend less on advertising because your advertising is so much more effective, and your response rate is so much greater.  By definition you will need FAR less advertising, to GET THE SAME OR GREATER RESULTS!

2) By having the best vanity number, you can save thousands on TV and Radio.  You are able to run short and sweet commercials because you do not need 60 seconds telling people your phone number over and over! 

What’s wrong with just getting an 888,866 or 877 toll free number?

1) If you advertise and 888, 877, or 866 number studies confirm you can  LOSE UP TO 30 PERCENT OF YOUR CALLS.  People who have these secondary numbers, have them ONLY BECAUSE THEY DID NOT HAVE ACCESS TO THE 800 VERSION.


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